Exam Review Course Booklets

These courses are designed to rigorously cover the problems that show up on exams year after year, and allow students that are very far behind to catch up and master the material quickly. Our tutors create custom coursepacks for each subject that have pass practice exam questions with full solutions.( under exam Review Course Booklets)

Private Tutoring

We provide you with certified, committed, and sociable tutors that have extensive experience in one-on-one lessons. Our tutors are dedicated to giving you the best explanations and providing you with the most relevant problems for you to score high on your assignments and tests. We make sure to cater to your needs by customizing lesson plans based on your areas of difficulty. We also hold a large team of tutors with flexible hours to accommodate your schedule and ensure we have someone ready whenever you need last minute help. Best of all, you can book a meeting right through our website! call 416 554 3737 for more info

Group Tutoring

Do you prefer to study with a group of friends or classmates? Easy Grades provides group tutoring services that are effective and affordable. Using the same tutors that offer one-on-one services, we host group tutoring sessions that focus directly on the students’ needs. Our tutors are exceptional at recognizing strengths and weaknesses among their students and develop lessons to most efficiently improve everyone’s understanding of the subject.

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Course booklets

Updated every year by our expert instructors to correlate with each course, our course booklets are the perfect study guide and feature:

  • key concepts thoroughly but concisely summarized
  • many practice exam-style questions with step-by-step solutions
  • analysis of past exams
  • study list of must-know concepts
  • exam-writing strategies