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This first course in microeconomics will explore basic concepts of demand and supply, consumers and producers, market structure and policy implications. After reading this booklet you would understand how firms make production and pricing decisions, how consumers and firms interact to reach equilibrium in different markets for goods and services and all the other important microeconomic problems.

This book has an abundance of past quizzes and past practice exam questions that would help you understand each chapter and prepare you for your quizzes and exams effectively.
Due to Covid 19- the grade distribution has changed for this course. 10% TF Quizzes, 10% Mylab Homework and 80% Multiple choice quizzes. These booklets are updated every semester to help you prepare effectively for your quizzes and exams with our practice questions made by our Mcmaster Experts. This booklet is all you need to ace this course and gives you a significant advantage over people without it.

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