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The course emphasizes the following two concepts: the time value of money and the relationship between expected return and risk. Topics covered include: time value of money, valuation of financial securities (e.g. bonds and stocks), choice of new projects to undertake (i.e. capital budgeting), determination of appropriate discount rates and working capital management. This course is both rich in content and fast in pace.

Due to Covid 19- the grade distribution has changed for this course. 20% Midterm, 20% Midterm 2, 10% Learning assignments, 20% online quizzes, and 30% Final exam. The Midterm booklet has the Midterm chapters, the final exam booklet has the entire course chapters. These booklets are updated every semester to help you prepare effectively for your quizzes and exams with our practice questions made by our Easy Grade York Experts. This booklet is all you need to ace this course and gives you a significant advantage over people without it.

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