Is tutoring right for me?

Most definitely! Many people have the mistaken belief that only students which are struggling with their course need tutoring. The truth is that tutoring can benefit almost everyone. Whether you are at the bottom or top of your class, tutoring can help you gain a better understanding of the concepts taught in your course, and will help prepare you for the specific problems you will encounter on an exam. In essence, tutoring is right for any students looking to achieve success and score high grades.
Why should I choose Easy Grade Tutorials?
Simply put, our tutorial sessions will make your academic life so much easier. We have been in the business for years, and we have developed the most effective studying techniques when preparing for university exams. We break everything down into easy to follow steps, and teach you several problem solving tricks that are easy to remember for your exams. Easy Grade Tutorials will help you achieve the results you need.
What are your tutors’ qualifications
All of our tutors have years of experience tutoring students. Most of our tutors have completed a Master’s or PHD degree and some have taught at the university level. Additionally, many of our tutors graduated from the same schools that they are now tutoring students of. They have previously taken the courses which they are now tutoring, so they know the material inside out. See our tutor page to view all of our tutor’s profiles.
What courses are offered
We teach a wide array of courses, but our focus is on undergraduate university math and commerce courses. Please select your school to see the exact courses we offer.
What if I can’t find my course on your website
Do not worry. Not all of the courses we offer tutoring services for are listed on our website. Simply contact us, let us know what you need help with, and we will let you know what we can do for you.
What services does Easy Grade Tutorials offer
We offer several services to help you get through your courses. This includes private 1-on-1 tutoring, group tutoring, assignment explanation and more. Easy Grade Tutorials is most known for its Exam Crash Courses that help students prepare for and overcome their midterm or final examinations with great success, and little stress.
How many students are in each crash course?
This number varies depending on the subject and course, but the class size is typically between 15-30 students.
How do I register for tutoring?

You can register for our tutorials online or over the phone. Start by selecting your school then finding the course you want to register for.
Is Easy Grade Tutorials affiliated with my university
EasyGrade Tutorials is not affiliated with any university and is an independent company that specializes in tutoring university students. Still, Easy GradeTutorials has established several relationships with student groups and associations from the schools where they offer their tutoring services.
Refund Policy?
Easy Grade Tutorials strives to provide top-notch tutoring service at the best possible price. If you are for any reason unsatisfied with the service received, we will do our best in order to resolve the situation and/or reimburse you.
Cancellation policy?
Easy Grade Tutorials offers a 72-hour money back cancellation policy. Any cancellations done 72 hours or more before the start time of the registered session(s) will be reimbursed in full. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before the start time of the registered session(s) will not be reimbursed.
Where are your tutorial sessions located
Easy Grade Tutorials hold their tutorial session in classrooms conveniently located within close proximity to the universities. We have several locations in Montreal, Toronto and Boston, near the universities of Ryerson, York, UofT, McGill, Concordia, Boston College and Boston University.
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Course booklets

Updated every year by our expert instructors to correlate with each course, our course booklets are the perfect study guide and feature:

  • key concepts thoroughly but concisely summarized
  • many practice exam-style questions with step-by-step solutions
  • analysis of past exams
  • study list of must-know concepts
  • exam-writing strategies